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Fired charity boss restored

Nick Buckley who was sacked for criticising BLM is now back in charge of his charity

A boss who was sacked for criticising Black Lives Matter has been reinstated as head of the  charity he founded.

Nick Buckley, the founder of Mancunian Way, described BLM as ‘post-modern, neo-Marxists” who were “call[ing] for the destruction of Western Democracy and our way of life” which led to his removal by the board of trustees.

This morning the trustees of the charity, which helps young people in Manchester avoid a life of crime, say they have “confirmed a mutually acceptable statement to avoid litigation”.

The current trustees have resigned and a new board has asked Nick Buckley to return to his former role.

However the outgoing board denied that they sacked the 52-year-old because of his social media posts or because of the online petition to have him removed.

Writing on Twitter, they said he was removed to “protect the charity’s reputation following legal advice and Charity Commission guidance”.

Nick Buckley told The Critic:

“It has been a difficult 5 weeks, but common sense prevailed in the end.

“We have rights in the UK that our forefathers fought for, we cannot allow them to be eroded for the sake of a quiet life. I would urge everyone to stand up for their rights.”

Nick Buckley was aided by the Free Speech Union who provided a top solicitor, Geoffrey Davies, who took on the case pro bono.

The 52-year-old received an MBE in recognition of his dedication to the local community in the 2020 New Year’s Honours list.

The charity Mancunian Way has also received several awards including one from Greater Manchester Police in 2015 for helping to keep the city safe.

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