Cull of the Wild: Killing in the Name of Conservation. By Hugh Warwick

Iron Imperator: Roman Grand Strategy Under Tiberius. By Iskander Rehman

A cerebral critic pleaser, a dramatic crowd pleaser, and a perennial favourite

The eclipse of the gilded 1980s generation can be seen as a welcome changing of the guard

The Unaccountability Machine: Why Big Systems Make Terrible Decisions — And How The World Lost its Mind. By Dan Davies

Hugo Rifkind’s new novel is like a warm bath turning cold

End Game 1944: How Stalin Won the War. By Jonathan Dimbleby

A welcome if flawed history of Irish architecture

The Invisible Doctrine: The Secret History of Neoliberalism (& How It Came to Control Your Life). By George Monbiot and Peter Hutchison

C. S. Lewis’s Oxford by Simon Horobin