Weekly Podcast from The Critic

Looking back on the Georgian European vacation with the historian Jeremy Black

Opinion polls show a majority of Scots saying they would vote ‘yes’ for Scottish independence in a second referendum: Graham Stewart discusses with Kevin Hague

And is it for better or for worse? With author and historian, Professor Jeremy Black

Douglas Murray on the personal debt he owes to the two men he considers his literary mentors

Have our perceptions on the course, themes and events of the 20thC changed? With Professor Jeremy Black

How does the calibre of politicians compare between now and the 1960s?

Or does ‘direct action’ undermine democratic institutions? Graham Stewart debates with Jeremy Black

Professor Jeremy Black picks-over the evidence with Graham Stewart

Graham Stewart asks Stewart Paterson whether disengagement from China is an act of self-harm or a sensible stitch in time

And do we still have a national story? With Simon Heffer and Jeremy Black