Internal Dissent

A rolling list of the Internal Market Bill’s Brexit rebels

Artillery Row

As the Internal Market Bill is due to have its second reading today, The Critic is bringing you a rolling list of all the MPs who have suggested they are not backing the Government’s proposals to amend the Withdrawal Agreement. (Either abstaining or voting against).

It’s worth recalling, in light of Nigel Farage’s recent threat to campaign against these MPs, that the Brexit Party did not stand against any incumbent Conservatives in the last election. Perhaps Mr. Farage now regrets that decision.

1. Theresa May:

“How can the government reassure future international partners that the UK can be trusted to abide by the legal obligations of the agreements it signs?”

2. Bob Neill:

‘In 50 years as a Conservative Party member, I’ve always believed in upholding the rule of law. I don’t think one should depart from that”

3. Simon Hoare:

He says the UK is a country that abides by its word internationally.

4. Roger Gale:

“Put simply, I will not vote to break the law.”

5. Gary Streeter:

“Just to let constituents know that I will not be supporting the government over the Internal Market Bill. I will explain my reasons in my Facebook article later this week. Those constituents who have emailed me will get a response today.”

6. Damian Collins:

“I’ve added my name in support of the @neill_bob amendment to the Internal Market Bill. This requires parliamentary approval before any future decision could be made by the government, to disapply the terms of the Northern Ireland protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement.”

7. Damian Green:

Has signed the Bob Neill amendment.

8. Sir Oliver Heald:

Has signed the Bob Neill amendment.

9. George Freeman:

“That sound you hear? It’s the sound of the Supreme Court preparing to remind Ministers that intentionally breaking the law – even in a very specific and limited way – is, well, unlawful.”

10. Geoffrey Cox QC:

“When the Queen’s minister gives his word, on her behalf, it should be axiomatic that he will keep it, even if the consequences are unpalatable.”

11. Rehman Chishti:

Resigned this morning as Boris Johnson’s Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief because he doesn’t want to vote for the Bill.

“I can’t support Internal Market Bill in its current form, which unilaterally break UK’s legal commitments. As an MP for 10yrs & former Barrister, values of respecting rule of law & honouring one’s word are dear to me”

12. Tobias Ellwood

“Unamended I cannot support this Bill”

13. Jack Lopresti:

Lopresti is abstaining tonight and tells The Critic he thought Geoffrey Cox put the point across brilliantly in the Times this morning.

14. Sajid Javid:

“It is not clear to me why it is necessary for the UK to break international law. I am regretfully unable to support the UK Internal Market Bill unamended.”

15. Charles Walker

16. Jeremy Wright QC

17. Imran Khan

18. Andrew Mitchell

We’re updating this list as it happens. Please send any we’ve missed to [email protected]

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