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Vox populism

How to turn the tables on the left

Artillery Row

It has become a wearisome tradition at every Conservative Party conference. A swarm of left-wing journalists hunt to find some unsuspecting young conservative to put on camera like a performing monkey. From gushing about their undying love for Nigel Farage to detailing how they’ve been dumped for their being a Tory, it does not tend to show the Conservatives or conservatism in a favourable light.

I’m not expecting the left wing media to depict the Conservative party in a positive way. Considering that they constantly depict Suella Braverman and Rishi Sunak as far-right, racist fascists, though, you would expect that the party conference would be a golden opportunity to expose the supposed bigotry.

So why are they asking teenagers about their dating lives? Instead of providing their audiences with interviews scrutinising Tory policy, they give the comment section an opportunity to bully young conservatives.

The point of this propaganda is to depict conservatism as a low status viewpoint. The same way that a school bully doesn’t offer a PEEL paragraph on why you suck, the left wing media knows that the best way to delegitimise the right’s talking points is to make them unworthy of being listened to in the first place.

There’s no point even dignifying conservatives with a proper conversation

When PoliticsJoe was given the opportunity to ask Priti Patel a question, the reporters didn’t ask about her immigration policies. Instead they jokingly wondered if she was hoping for a GB News show.

These videos convey to their viewers that debating with the right is pointless. There’s no point even dignifying conservatives with a proper conversation. Unlike GB News and Talk TV, which go out of their way to find left wing voices, leftist media like PoliticsJOE don’t let their opponents have any real voice in the narrative.

The only voices they are happy to platform are the ones who are ready to disavow right wing politics. Whilst they make fun of the previous Home Secretary, they gladly publicise Dehanna Davidson, a Conservative MP who has made a name for herself for being bisexual and defending transgender ideology. In a video, Davidson calls the views of Conservatives who are against gender ideology “disgusting”.

What can the right learn from the left’s vox pops?

Owen Jones has shown his age by not adopting the new left’s tactic and instead engaging in debate, regardless of how bad faith it might be. A video recently went viral of a young conservative being interviewed by Jones and getting into an argument about diversity and multiculturalism. Many prominent figures of the right have cheered the young man for his sensible and articulate reasoning, which contrasted with Jones’ bemused awkwardness. In a failed attempt to create Twitter outrage, Jones has managed to inspire conservatives.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been all over the UK, interviewing people from a range of backgrounds on a range of topics. These videos have had a great degree of success, gaining millions of views and exposing the prevalence of man-hating or how freedom of speech stops at offending Islam.

The bright side of being on the back foot is that these views aren’t the default. That’s why the young conservative could stand up to Owen Jones’ scrutiny, whereas the average left wing young person can’t give a real answer of what a woman is. At most, I ask them what they think of an alternative viewpoint and let them dig their own grave.

Vox pops are a great way to expose fallacies of an argument or viewpoint. The interviewer is not trying to change their mind, but to show what the average person believes about a certain topic. The goal of my videos is to demonstrate how prevalent woke beliefs are to the average person, and how these radical viewpoints are not just limited to Twitter. It exposes how despite thirteen years of conservative government, we’re still losing the battle of ideas.

Young Conservatives always complain about being bullied or socially ostracised for being conservative. In an interview with the BBC, a young conservative makes the point of reclaiming the term “Tory Scum”. However, complaining about being bullied isn’t going to stop the bullies. As I’m sure many young conservatives have learnt, telling your bully how much they’ve hurt you will only make them worse.

Identity politics has sunk so deeply into Conservatism that activists are adopting the victim mentality. There is light at the end of the tunnel, though. Just as my vox pops illuminate the current nature of the left, Owen Jones has shown us that there are young conservatives who are aware of the problems of the country. They aren’t satisfied with saying, “Vote Tory because they’re not Labour.”

The only way forward is to reshape the narrative. Young conservatives must learn that there is power in bravery and conviction. Whilst the party is crumbling, there is hope for a new movement — and you can put that on camera.

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