Lebrecht’s Album of the Week

Hahn’s finely honed skills as a violinist are seldom in demand on this one-star album

The baritone Matthias Goerne sings with a voice like brushed velvet and diction clearer than iced vodka in this five-star album

The climaxes are sensational, some of the strongest music Penderecki ever created; we may never see its like again

Stanchinsky occupies a tonal territory midway between Rachmaninov and Scriabin; an amalgam of suppurating misery and crackpot visionary

Gulda’s Symphony in G has 35 minutes of invention, which is more than can be said for most late-twentieth century symphonies

Alexander Tchaikovsky’s Quarantine Symphony triggers a subtle, wordless response to the things we are experiencing

If you want to know what a piano can do, you really need to settle down with this absorbing world of sound

The outstanding Offenburg String Trio play a gripping compilation of some of the most richly coloured and painfully consequential music you are ever likely to hear

Elgar works best when a conductor appears to do least

Clyne’s debut record is a validation of the continuing relevance of classical form in the twenty-first century