As the world burns, don’t forget about feminism

As feminists, we must hold on to our victimhood at all costs. It is the source of our strength

Woke World

With all this talk of coronavirus and Black Lives Matter, I’ve been a little concerned that the patriarchy is getting a free pass. Sometimes it feels as though my postgraduate degree in polyamorous gender constructions and the corrosive nature of cis-masculine futurity was a complete waste of time.

And now some “scientists” have decided that Covid-19 kills more men than women. It’s so typical of males to twist the death statistics to make this all about them. As feminists, we must hold on to our victimhood at all costs. It is the source of our strength.

We can’t even use the #MeToo or #BelieveWomen hashtags any more because we want Joe Biden to win. So what can we do to bring feminism back onto the agenda?

I have a few ideas. Here in the UK, there are currently five protected characteristics that fall under hate crime legislation. These are race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity and disability. I propose that we add the following: veganism, ecosexuality, wheat intolerance and intersectional feminism.

This would solve all kinds of problems. As a popular female presence on social media, I am often subject to a common form of harassment known as “debate”. If intersectional feminism were to be registered as a protected category under UK law, it would become illegal to disagree with me. This strikes me as a sensible solution.

In addition, we need to introduce feminism to young girls at the earliest possible stage. The new “Ms Monopoly” board game by Hasbro is an excellent example of how this can be achieved. The rules have been changed so that female players are given higher salaries and rewards.

This reassures young girls that they can be just as successful as men, so long as they are provided with extra advantages that they haven’t earned. This kind of feminism is so empowering.

Finally, we need to urge more men to transition to female in order to better support gender equality. To even identify as male betrays a seething hatred of women. There can be no excuse for it.

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