Why non-racist whites are racist

Titania McGrath’s take on a thrilling year for racial equality

Woke World

This has been a thrilling year for racial equality. Finally, everyone is beginning to realise that woke identity politics is a far more effective method of vanquishing racism than so-called “liberal values”. Anybody who disagrees with this point of view is clearly a fascist who ought to be silenced and deprived of their livelihood. And possibly executed.

Already our allies at the Merriam-Webster dictionary have agreed to update the official definition of “racism” to reflect the institutional power of all whites. As the rapper Wiley pointed out on Twitter recently, “Black people can’t be racist.” Admittedly, he did go on to repeatedly tweet about how Jews are snakes who run the world or something, but who doesn’t make the occasional typo from time to time?

And since it is impossible for black people to be racist, any white person who is not being racist is committing behavioural blackface. Therefore, all non-racist white people are racist.

In this, I am building on the work of bestselling author Robin DiAngelo, whose latest book points out that any white person who denies being racist is guilty of “white fragility” and is therefore even more racist. This is a brilliant argument, because it means that anyone who disagrees with her is simply proving her point.

As Robin explains: “White people assume niceness is the answer to racial inequality. It’s not.” In order to combat racism, therefore, we all need to stop being nice to people of colour.

Indeed, I have been heartened by all the footage circulating on social media of white anti-racist activists shouting at black people when they try to stop the protesters from peacefully smashing up shops or amicably spitting at police. In the fight against white supremacy, it’s important to rebuke black people who won’t do what they’re told. But my favourite moment in recent weeks was when activists at Seattle’s autonomous zone — known as “CHOP” (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest) — set up a black-only area. After all, we will never defeat the scourge of racism until people of colour have their own spaces away from whites. I suggest we start with schools, restaurants, buses and drinking fountains.

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