Book Review

A new book satirises the bizarre dynamics of social justice activism

All eight of Whatmore’s subjects would have been astounded by the
stability of the British state through the 19th century

It is no longer possible to reflect upon Israeli culture as if the “Question of Palestine” could be brushed aside

There is frequent reporting of local news, often betraying a hobbit-like
preoccupation with the availability of beer

Eilenberger’s design is to present philosophy outside the lecture theatre in its life-transforming power

This progressive historian’s real charge against the monarchic institution is one of “complacency”

Some stop-gap leaders of the opposition were never intended to be potential prime ministers

He made the tea, he forged the autographs, and only once did he run out of plectrums

Spreading fingers over a globe, not pinching them on a screen, is the best way to answer questions

A practical manual for anyone who has no choice but to sit on committees with idealistic intellectuals