Book Review

Owen Polley reviews Breaking Peace: Brexit and Northern Ireland by Feargal Cochrane

Ewa Dymek & Mateusz Dymek review Me and White Supremacy, by Layla Saad

Paul du Quenoy reviews The Club King, Peter Gatien’s memoir of New York nightlife

Matthew Adams reviews The Liar’s Dictionary, by Eley Williams

John Bowers reviews Jewish Treasures from Oxford Libraries, by Rebecca Abrams and Cesar Merchan-Hamann

Joseph Connolly reviews One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time, by Craig Brown

John Bowers reviews “Enemies of the People?” by Joshua Rozenberg

Natascha Engel reviews Difficult Women, by Helen Lewis

David J. Garrow reviews Dark Mirror: Edward Snowden and the Surveillance State, by Barton Gellman

Richard Griffiths reviews Failed Führers, by Graham Macklin