Book Review

These two books show that it has always been the preserve of the unscrupulous to peddle their wares to the gullible and salacious

Many find theology dusty, but McGrath makes a pitch for it as the centre of our world

The promise of John-Paul Stonard’s Creation is poisoned by a revisionist agenda

If you want your views of the wrongness of Brexit confirmed, this dull book will do so

This is an enthusiastic and fluent guide to the world of beer, with an understanding that what makes it such a joy is to do with how it makes us feel

Rodgers and Cavendish gamely and colourfully attempt both to tell the stories and capture Granada’s long-standing mysterious appeal

This well-researched book deserves attention for those who wish to peer beyond the carefully cultivated image of Josip Broz Tito

Richard Overy has done a signal service with this compellingly written, impressively researched book

Rob Burrow approaches MND like he did Rugby League: with bravery and without fear

Four mysteries, three successes, two surprises and one flop