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Black’s History Week

The Critic’s new weekly podcast series, with Professor Jeremy Black

Black’s History Week is the latest podcast series from The Critic. In this brand new series, Professor Jeremy Black discusses how the past informs the present with The Critic’s political editor, Graham Stewart.

Jeremy Black is Emeritus Professor of History at Exeter University, a senior fellow of Policy Exchange, and, as the author of over 140 books, has been described as “the most prolific historical scholar of our time”. A specialist on eighteenth-century Western military, diplomatic and political history, Professor Black has ranged widely over his career to write histories of the press, culture and cartography, as well as reflections on historiography.

Appearing online every Friday, Black’s History Week sees Jeremy and Graham examine past political events, cultural trends and social crazes that have laid foundations for elements of our current society, and shed light on present political and cultural developments, from Britain, to Europe, America and beyond.

Insightful, astute and compelling, Black’s History Week is a stand-alone podcast series from The Critic. Subscribe today to ensure you never miss an episode.

The first episode on meddling former prime ministers can be found here:

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