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Count the cost

The government is running out of time to stop messing up

Artillery Row

The Government cannot back their latest claimed Covid counter measures with appropriate evidence. Yet what they now intend to do will result in immense harm, as it did in the past.

It is long past time to finally, openly and honestly count the cost of lockdowns and restrictions and vote no to all these measures. That is the only way to get off this road to the hell of minute and ever changing restrictions on our lives on which the Government has embarked.

I expect one of the larger rebellions of this debacle, although I am not counting carefully on a vote we cannot win.

Every MP will remember forever how they voted on this issue

It’s beyond me why Labour thinks government Lockdown policies have been a success up to this point. They have not, and traditional Labour voters have already paid a very heavy price for them. There will be still more needless costs to come I fear.

I believe every MP will remember forever how they voted on this issue. Let us hope they do what they know in their minds, hearts and souls to be right. We will, rightly, be judged on our actions, and inactions.

We can’t go on like this. This can’t be how a country like ours is governed.

We shouldn’t obsess with the press or gossip or grudges. We should reform expert advice and bring to bear a firm grasp of values and virtues, like temperance and courage.

The present chaos seems to me the worst of all worlds: a powerful Prime Minister circumscribed by Cabinet members being bounced, with poison being dropped by the disgruntled and dismissed. And the failed policies of the past are driven on.

I would dearly love to see Boris grip this mess and turn things around. The time to do it is not much longer.

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