Etone for your sins

“Vulva owners”, Eton’s woke head master, and the BBC’s hagiography of BLM


Stuff BBC People Like
Although the fact that BBC staff are primarily from the UK is very problematic, that they have written up an interview with Black Lives Matter so uncritically is something we can at least celebrate. BLM is described as an “anti-racist” movement and the fact that some smear it as being a pro-looting and rioting organisation was thankfully not even mentioned. And the BBC omitted other disturbing fictions told about the group like the outright lie that BLM want to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure”. Just because those words might have previously featured on their website does not mean it’s something they believe. And just because the founders once described themselves as “trained Marxists” does not mean the movement is being used to co-opt well-meaning young people into hard left causes. When the BBC asked them how BLM will go down in history the founders replied “It depends who tells it”. We can all rest easy that the BBC has taken on the task.

One careful owner
It’s hard to get everyone to start using the latest Newspeak dictionary, which is why virtuous activists have started thrusting new terminology into articles they wouldn’t otherwise have written so everybody thinks it’s been used the whole time and starts playing along. The Healthline website did it really well here when they titled a piece: ‘Do Vulva Owners Like Sex?’ Is the Wrong Question — Here’s What You Should Ask Instead. Apart from some right-wing bigots who objected to the term “Vulva Owners” because it implied “my body as something I had picked up on hire purchase”,  most people understand that it’s now transphobic to suggest the body is anything more than a possession of the mind.

Etone for your sins
It’s a bastion of white supremacy and privilege but perhaps, come the revolution, it won’t be necessary to shut down Eton straight away. The head of England’s best-known public school has shown himself to be sympathetic to the cause when he fired a teacher for preparing a lesson for older pupils questioning the “current radical feminist orthodoxy”. Will Knowland, who taught White Imperial Hatetongue, or “English” as they affectedly call it, at Eton for nine years, said: “The Head Master felt that some of the ideas put forward in my lecture – such as the view that men and women differ psychologically and not all of those differences are socially constructed – were too dangerous for the boys to be exposed to”.  Where to start with this bigotry? Every difference between penis owners and vulva owners is socially constructed which is why transwomen are often so good at women’s sport. When you see a person with breasts, a dress and long hair, you shouldn’t assume it’s a woman. But of course, know that it’s literal violence if you don’t refer to a penis owner in a dress as “Madam”. Got that? comprenez-vous? It’s time to start questioning the hate-filled assumptions of English teachers. Especially when they don’t do what they’re bloody well told by the top man. 

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