Tears over Jordan Peterson’s book, The Sun goes woke and the BBC’s “fisherpeople”


Emperor of Hate
Penguin’s plans to publish a new book by Pelagian self-help guru Jordan Peterson hit a snag when, according to Vice News, employees began crying during a meeting designed to assuage their righteous anger:  “During a tense town hall, staff cried and expressed dismay with the publishing giant’s decision to publish Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life.” One employee said: “The company since June has been doing all these anti-racist and allyship things and them publishing Peterson’s book completely goes against this. It just makes all of their previous efforts seem completely performative”. Steerpike points out that Penguin also publish Mein Kampf written by an obscure German ex-chancellor. I don’t think it’s possible anything can be as hateful as rule number 6 in Peterson’s first book, which called on people to set their house in order before they try to change the world. Having looked up Herr Hitler on wikipedia I see that he liked to sleep in until the afternoon, watch films late into the night and did most of his job jazzed on amphetamines. Why, with such a transgressive back catalogue involving foreign writers, is Penguin now trying to deny people’s rights to identify as messy? This is not why the EU fought and won two world wars.

It was heartbreaking to hear Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch say again in the House of Commons this week that the Conservative Party don’t accept the premise that British curricula have been “colonised,” which adds to her previous assertion that teaching children white privilege as a fact was ‘illegal’. If you’re concerned that your offspring might be indoctrinated into thinking race doesn’t matter, why not send them to St Dunstan’s College, in South London? In a letter to former pupils, the headmaster Nick Hewlett has boasted that the independent nature of the school means they can deviate from the “euro-centric” national curriculum and shoe-horn woke studies into almost every subject. Pupils are treated to units on how bad Britain is, the gender pay-gap, the glass ceiling, racism, LGBTQ+ rights, and your rights to have aborted them before birth. Hewlett says he is “unashamed” of the changes. #StunningAndBrave.

They are a-changing
News UK, owners of TalkRadio, The Times and The S*n are inviting all their Murdoch-shilling reporters to an event called “How to be a better ally” and are finally requiring their titles to appoint “diversity specialists” and follow a new style guide which has up-to-the-minute wording so journalists can become appropriately sensitive when writing about diversity. What’s the point in press freedom if it’s not used responsibly? The last thing we want is journalists writing what they want rather than what they should. Three cheers for Mister Rupert!

The BBC’s fearless Europe Editor Katya Adler stunned the famously bigoted Brexit-voting listeners of the Today Programme when she repeatedly used the word “fisherpeople” from the upcoming Newspeak dictionary instead of the hatespeak term, “fishermen”. The Chairman of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations Barrie Deas said using “fisherpeople” was clumsy and that there was only a “handful” of women who manned, er, personned the boats. But I for one think it’s the fault of language alone that there are so few vulva-owners with nets and/or trawler licences. Ultimately Brexiteer opposition to the CFP will be because of their know-nothing hatred of the possibility of more fisherpeople of gender, something cruelly forestalled by the current hateful system of the CFP. Wait, something has fouled the propeller of logic here. As I’ve said before on so many subjects, I’ll have to get back to you on this after the transition period ends.

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