The National Trust fails to re-educate its members, and a children’s home lectures us on white privilege

FA chairman cancelled, Anne Hathaway’s non-PC portrayal, and a dinosaur politician survives cancellation

Harry Potter is cancelled, Sainsbury’s cancel their shoppers, Taxpayers fund Stonewall, and packing the (UK) Supreme Court

Pronouns day, Unknown soldier wasn’t black, tampons go woke and the BBC is hijacked by impartiality rules

Countryside is racist, McDonalds transvestites, taking the knee rebels and Nazis can’t be attractive

Yelp label businesses accused of racism, the MOD goes woke and restaurant apologises for mocking Xi

Laurence Fox’s woke intervention, Glasgow football honour US liberal and Essex spray a Muslim with champagne

Tories reject unconscious bias training, BBC show critical race lecture, and Colston falls (again)

Woke Oscars tries to cripple the film industry, Stonewall capture the police and the Scottish enlightenment is cancelled

Women are cancelled, white people are racist, the UN goes woke, and limited and specific law-breaking