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The BBC cancels Mermaids, time is racist, Nasa goes woke, and 2 + 2 = 5

David Scullion chronicles the inroads of cultural Marxists, the woke, the right-on, and all the virtue signalling rest


Welcome to your weekly update on the destruction of Western Civilisation.

All Rhodes
Has Rhodes fallen? Not yet. Oriel College Oxford is waiting for a review on whether to take down the bust of one of their benefactors but ‘progressives’ have wasted no time in pressuring organisations to remove all traces of his name, which they clearly believe has intrinsic power to promote white supremacy. Maybe one day in the near future even hearing the sound Rhodes will be an aural crime? The Rhodes arts complex which includes the house where the colonist was born in 1853 has been renamed South Mill Arts. You can find out all about the name change at Sadly for them it’s easier to virtue signal in a press release than it is to update a website address or get a new logo. South Mill Arts have since used their website to complain about a planned anti-Rhodes protest outside their building, despite the fact that they’ve agreed to all the woke demands and will eventually get round to changing their URL. And then their sins will only be known to the wayback machine and dusty domain register ledgers.

(Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

Police state
Readers  will be shocked to learn that The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle where protesters built a socialist utopia without the police is going very badly, reports Timothy Stanley in the Telegraph. After US cops abandoned the socialist breakaway Republic of Chaz, there were four shootings and two deaths. The camp of intersectionalists had to set up armed patrols to quell the chaos. There is no word yet on how cutting edge the uniforms are, but black is almost always in season for this line of work.

Poor Richard
Richard Spoor, a ‘Militant non-racialist’ from South Africa, was Twitter’s person of the day when he tried to elicit sympathy from his followers about the plight of two “young and idealistic lawyers” who “in a moment of madness” threw a Molotov cocktail into a police car, setting light to it and are now facing 35 years in prison. We’ve all done it, it’s mostly in the wrists.

Keyboard Warrior
Professor Brian Cox has called on the phrase “the British people” to be banned. Quoting a tweet by Priti Patel explaining what she’d do to stop illegal immigrants crossing the channel if she ever gained power, he said the phrase was “inflammatory divisive and errant vacuous nonsense with no meaning in a multi-party democracy”. We can only D:Ream that one day inner space people will stop marginalising people from outer space by using the “A” word.

Rocket science
Brian Cox will be dismayed to learn that his second career, physics, is being slowly destroyed by wokism. NASA will no longer refer to “Siamese Twins Galaxy” and the “Eskimo Nebula”as they are apparently highly offensive. But this is small fry – the postmodernists will eventually try to destroy the idea that knowledge can be accessed at all. Soon NASA itself will probably be cancelled for trying to approach the stars in a white heteronormative western way. At least until China finishes militarising space…

Ignorance is strength
The chairman of a magazine for Law students has resigned after Hodder Education gave the transgender children’s charity, Mermaids, carte blanche to censor parts of his article they didn’t like. The piece, which appeared in the board of A-level Law Review magazine, summarised a High Court test case on freedom of expression in which the police were likened to the Gestapo for their response to an accusation that businessman Harry Miller, 55 had tweeted transphobic messages. However Hodder thought law pupils would find the reporting of the case highly offensive and asked transgender charity Mermaids to suggest ‘examples we can use to counteract the tone and opinions in the piece’ and to suggest changes to ‘anything you feel is untrue, unfair and/or offensive’. Changing something to be the opposite of how it was intended, who would have thought?

Auntie cuts Mermaids
Despite the BBC’s reputation for being one of the most right-on British institutions, Mermaids and other pro trans groups will no longer be featured by the corporation at the end of a programme which touches on trans issues, after the corporation received complaints about its gender identity information. They were also worried they would not “remain impartial”. The Times reports Mermaids is run by Susie Green, a former IT consultant with no medical training, who took her child to Thailand, aged 16, for genital surgery that is illegal in Britain and now in Thailand. I report that the BBC is worried about not remaining impartial. You may gasp as you see fit.

BBC blip over
The Woke will be pleased the BBC is back to its old self after its youth propaganda wing released a video by former NBA basketball player John Amaechi on ‘White Privilege’. Amaechi, who has an estimated net worth of $4 million, told younger viewers that it was hard to understand something that doesn’t exist which isn’t obvious, but assured them that their skin colour could never be the cause of any hardship they might suffer if they were white. Racially targeted victims of grooming gangs here or the wrong sort of South African farmers are just cry babies. Broadcaster Andrew Neil, who is allegedly in the frame for the BBC Director job, suggested the corporation should produce a similar video arguing white privilege is an unhelpful confection so that viewers could decide for themselves. Perish the thought.

Stop the clock
Marcus Moore, an ‘antiracism’ teacher believes that White culture is obsessed with “mechanical time” — clock time — and punishes students for lateness. Journalist Daniel Bergner, who went on one of Moore’s re-education courses, said the class was told punctuality is an example of whiteness which is bad for black children. Of course, claiming black kids are fundamentally incapable of being on time is in no way racist, patronising or othering.

Normal Cervix
The CEO of a Gynaecological Cancer Research Charity, has hit back at claims that it is ‘woke’ to use the phrase ‘individuals with a cervix’, the phrase that sparked ridicule when broadcaster CNN used it instead of the word women. Athena Lamnisos, CEO of The Eve Appeal argues (in the Telegraph no less) that if you really want to include the word ‘woman’ then you’d have to include the following tortured caveat:

 To be utterly clear, the ‘people’ who have this body part – a cervix – are women (unless they’ve had it removed during gynae surgery), some trans men, non-binary and intersex people (again, unless they’ve had surgery).

Or, radical thought, just use the word ‘woman’ and let people use common sense.

Under 7s
The Evening Standard reports that a Primary School has won an award for ‘decolonising’ its curriculum by reducing the “heavy white and Western bias”. In Geography, pupils no longer learn about the Seven wonders of the World but are taught about the countries they came from. Hopefully nobody is from Egypt or Iraq the home of three of the seven wonders. This may seem like an obvious error by the school but the super-woke will have already spotted that one of the seven wonders is a giant statue of somebody called ‘Rhodes’ which we all know literally kills people, or something.

2 + 2 = 5
Anti-woke hoaxer James Lindsay posted a meme suggesting 2 + 2 = 4 was part of White, western mathematics that marginalised other possible values which led to a whole load of people on Twitter posting ‘2 + 2 = 5’. The Post Millennial has the full story. It does slightly raise the possibility that creating hoaxes like this are actually pouring petrol on the fire. Ah well, we all enjoy a good laugh as society burns.


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