White Privilege

The supposedly privileged cannot win

By inviting listeners to admit their complicity, Eshun failed utterly to make his case

When identity is the primary means of engagement with art, criticism is reduced to mud-slinging

Perhaps “white privilege” exists after all?

Privilege comes from the Latin privilegium, a bill or law giving advantage to a private individual

My time inside the Holodeck was exhilarating, but like all addictions it just masked my other problems and never addressed reality

The demonisation of the white working class becomes more overt by the day. They are being airbrushed from history

Events in the US have led to a(nother) moment of reckoning for race relations spawning a similar gamut of emotions, some justified, other less so

Already, the virus has been renamed “Covid-19” in a flagrant attempt at dehumanisation

The fashionable doctrine of ‘white privilege’ is fatally undermined by the facts