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The Coronavirus rebels in full

Backbenchers in the Tory party are gradually turning their private frustrations into rebel votes

In total there were 51 Tory rebels on the lockdown vote tonight, including Graham Brady, the Chairman of the 1922 Committee, and former party leader, Iain Duncan Smith. Conservative MPs Steve Baker and Philip Hollobone are absent from the list because they were tellers for the Noes which suggests a grand total of 34 Tory MPs willing to vote against the whip on lockdown and 19 who defied the whip by abstaining.

The SNP did not vote on the lockdown (which only affects England) which makes the prospect of future lockdowns being passed with Labour votes all the more likely. It’s worth noting that Iain Duncan Smith  abstained on the curfew vote in September, but today walked through the No lobby, telling the Commons: “It’s not a circuit-breaker, it’s a Business Breaker”. Rebellions are increasing at what the Whips’ Office will find an alarming pace, and the notional number to break the majority has long since been reached. Both Tory MPs supportive of Boris Johnson and those highly critical of him seem agreed on being unimpressed by Mark Spencer’s whipping operation.

The whips will be wondering how long abstainer Theresa May will hold out before she feels forced to vote against. Today in the Commons she criticised the government strongly saying the lockdown will mean “whole sectors will be damaged” and asked “What sort of airline industry will we be left with? what sort of hospitality sector?” before going on to lambast the shutdown of churches.

One thing will be clear from the vote tonight, backbenchers in the Tory party are gradually turning their private frustrations into rebel votes.

The list of Tory abstainers in full:

  1. Andrew Bowie
  2. Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
  3. James Daly
  4. David Duguid
  5. Mike Freer
  6. Richard Fuller
  7. Chris Grayling
  8. James Heappey
  9. Tom Hunt
  10. Alister Jack
  11. John Lamont
  12. Theresa May
  13. David Mundell
  14. Robert Neill
  15. Rebecca Pow
  16. Jeremy Quin
  17. Douglas Ross
  18. Bob Seely
  19. Bill Wiggin

The list of Tory rebels in full:

  1. Adam Afriyie
  2. Peter Bone
  3. Graham Brady
  4. Steve Brine
  5. Christopher Chope
  6. Philip Davies
  7. Jonathan Djanogly
  8. Jackie Doyle-Price
  9. Richard Drax
  10. Iain Duncan Smith
  11. Marcus Fysh
  12. Chris Green
  13. James Grundy
  14. Mark Harper
  15. Gordon Henderson
  16. David Jones
  17. Tim Loughton
  18. Craig Mackinlay
  19. Stephen McPartland
  20. Esther McVey
  21. Huw Merriman
  22. Anne Marie Morris
  23. Mike Penning
  24. John Redwood
  25. Andrew Rosindell
  26. Henry Smith
  27. Desmond Swayne
  28. Robert Syms
  29. Derek Thomas
  30. Charles Walker
  31. Craig Whittaker
  32. William Wragg

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