Jean Hatchet

Jean is from Sheffield in South Yorkshire. She is a radical feminist activist who campaigns on the issues of men's violence against women. After suffering domestic abuse in a past relationship, Jean has dedicated her life to helping other abused women realise what is happening to them and to raising funds to donate to those women's services who can help them. She raises funds for Nia - a service provider for some of the most vulnerable women who are victim/survivors of sexual and domestic abuse. Jean is firmly committed to ensuring that women have access to single-sex, women-only, trauma-informed, services for safety and recovery from male violence. Jean is a writer just completing a novel which centres two women at the birth of the radical feminist movement in the UK. Jean Hatchet runs 'Ride For Murdered Women' a project which pays tribute to the lives of women murdered by men they knew. Jean campaigns for women tirelessly despite suffering from advanced ovarian cancer.

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