Why is Britain good at R&D but has so few major tech companies?

Mike Lynch offers his solutions – from ARM to post-Brexit regulation

Why is the UK a world leader in tech sector R&D, yet has not a single high growth software business listed on the FTSE 100? Does leaving the EU threaten the UK’s tech sector or does Brexit provide Britain with opportunities? And if so, how and where?

Dr Mike Lynch OBE has been variously described as: Britain’s answer to Bill Gates; Britain’s most successful technology entrepreneur; and, in the Financial Times, as “the doyen of European software.” He co-founded Autonomy Corporation (which was later sold to Hewlett-Packard in a deal that remains the subject of litigation), and his Invoke Capital Fund is a major investor in Britain’s burgeoning AI sector.

In this podcast, Mike Lynch talks to The Critic’s political editor, Graham Stewart, about what policies need to change if the UK’s tech sector is going to thrive in the future.

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