Alexander Larman

Alexander Larman is an author and journalist. His latest book is Byron’s Women (Head of Zeus). He tweets at @alexlarman

Our increasingly polarised and angry age wants not entertainment, but preachers

Our values today are of consumerism and instant gratification, inherited from our Victorian forebears

Bawdy humour and the pantomime go together like sausages and mash, whatever you make of that banger

Tom Sutcliffe’s obituary of composer Stephen Sondheim was ill-judged and vindictive

Give up writing, men – the world will be a happier place when you do

Music today is anodyne compared to the heydays of Britpop and the sixties and seventies

British musical theatre has nothing on the American slickness

Just stage Cyrano with a great actor breaking wind in a corner, and we’ll all be happy