James Jeffrey

James Jeffrey is a freelance journalist and writer who splits his time between the US, the UK, and further afield, and writes for various international media. Follow him on Twitter: @jrfjeffrey and at his website: https://jamesjeffreyjournalism.com/ .

There’s only so much defilement you can take of the principles you fought to defend

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While sales of “1984” went through the roof this past year, Aldous Huxley’s dystopian vision is much more likely to come true than George Orwell’s

Many people may soon be facing a choice between civil disobedience and Covid-19 restrictions, for which the words of America’s iconic civil-rights leader remain boldly relevant

As America passed half a million deaths from Covid-19, the reaction was predictably unhelpful and sensational

The ability to train our malleable minds is both a blessing and a curse—as the grand social re-engineering experiment of Covid-19 lockdowns is revealing

It’s a broad generalisation – but the author can only go off his extensive experiences bouncing between the developing and developed worlds