Jane Kelly

Jane Kelly became a trainee journalist on the Walsall Observer but after winning the Cosmopolitan Young Journalist competition in 1981 moved to London to live in squats, starve and take terrible jobs. In 1983 she found gainful employment after coming runner-up in the Catherine Pakenham Award for women journalists, organised by the Daily Telegraph. After a stint on the Sunday Telegraph she moved to the Mail on Sunday for a staff job. They sent her around the world business class for two years, before she moved to the Daily Mail for the rest of her full- time career in London. In 2008 she wrote a memoir about working as a teacher in Wormwood Scrubs prison. Since then she has been a freelance writer, now living in Oxford. She lives in hope of one day getting a radio play performed by the BBC.

The message from a nagging government is unexpectedly liberating