Jonathan Meades

Jonathan Meades’s next book is Pedro & Ricky Come Again, to be published next year. He lives in Marseille.

France is competing with the UK to be every bit as draconian and liberty-infringing

Islamism is increasingly held not to be a deviant from Islam, but an orthodox aim of the “religion of peace”

The Midlands are hurried through, unappreciated on the way to somewhere else

Who’s minor and who’s major reveal the power of collective prejudice

Macron aims to rewrite history, with Britain not far behind

Buildings born of plagues do have a life as something other than problematic ruins

The referee is a blessed form of jobsworth

There is bugger-all to celebrate. So create a rich vocabulary of despondency

HS2 represents the guilt of successive central governments about the centralisation they are incapable of correcting

Gavin Stamp believed in what he saw. Roger Scruton saw what he believed in