Jonathan Meades

Jonathan Meades’s next book is Pedro & Ricky Come Again, to be published next year. He lives in Marseille.

Time for self-styled “design guru” Stephen Bayley to move on from his erstwhile mentor, monstrous Sir Tel

The row over sending great British bangers to Bangor illustrates a dismal lack of gastronomic culture

A hideous babel of gimmicky buildings that scream: “Me! Me! Me!”

The trashy Downing Street makeover is a criminal act of hideous uglification

TV has become a branch of the pharmaceutical industry doling out heavy sedatives

Pike abound in British rivers yet are seldom caught for the table

Today the multiply-tattooed Balkan war criminal look is popular

France is competing with the UK to be every bit as draconian and liberty-infringing

Islamism is increasingly held not to be a deviant from Islam, but an orthodox aim of the “religion of peace”

The Midlands are hurried through, unappreciated on the way to somewhere else