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Jeremy Black talks to Graham Stewart about how Britain’s armed forces adapted to the challenges of fighting the Second World War

Christopher Howarth on his role in removing a prime minister

Professor Jeremy Black talks to Graham Stewart about the state and preparedness of Britain’s armed forces in the lead-up to the Second World War

Constance Watson speaks to Anna Price about the National Trust’s misplaced priorities

Josephine Bartosch speaks with Maya Forstater following her recent win at the Employment Appeals Tribunal

How successfully did Britain’s armed forces adapt to the reality of the First World War?

Steve Baker discusses with David Scullion the cutting of carbon emissions

Are the Houses of Parliament set for the flames? Brice Stratford discusses with David Scullion

Professor Jeremy Black and Graham Stewart discuss the reach and organisation of Britain’s armed forces in protecting and expanding the British empire

On the merits of celebrity authors and literary book prizes