Weekly Podcast from The Critic

Professor Jeremy Black speaks to Graham Stewart about Napoleon’s reputation

Are “progressive” leaders just canny politicians?

Professor Jeremy Black and Graham Stewart discuss the role of the queen in British and European history

Rev. Matthew Roberts and Jo Bartosch debate the merits of the proposed legislation

The centrality of religion to the status and mission of monarchy in Britain and Europe

Olivia Hartley and Dr Arabella Byrne talk about Napoleon’s legacy and why the French love anniversaries

Professor Jeremy Black talks to Graham Stewart about military monarchs

Oliver Wiseman speaks to Jesse Singal about how bad ideas spread so easily and why the psychological cures to our social ills should be taken with a spoonful of salt

Graham Stewart and Jeremy Black discuss British and European conceptions of monarchy throughout history

David Starkey talks to Graham Stewart about the crown’s delicate balance between reform, revolution, and sustaining a useful role