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The first episode of The Critic Books Podcast: in conversation with J. R. Thorp.

The Critic Narrated: Episode Five, with David Starkey, Boris Starling and Claudia Savage-Gore

Professor Jeremy Black discusses why and how Europe was engulfed in wars with France between 1792 and 1815

The Critic Narrated: Episode Four, with Lisa Hilton, Henry Hill and our Secret Author

Patrick O’Flynn and David Scullion discuss where British fishing stands post-Brexit

The Critic Narrated: Episode Three, with Robert Hutton, Josephine Bartosch and Robert Thicknesse

Professor Jeremy Black explores and debunks some generalisations about war in early modern Europe

The Critic Narrated: Episode Two, with Revd. Marcus Walker, Hannah Betts and Patrick Galbraith

Professor Jeremy Black and Graham Stewart discuss the impacts on medieval warfare

The Critic Narrated: Episode One, with Matthew Lloyd Roberts, Claudia Savage Gore and Jonathan Aitken