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Searching for treasure on the Thames foreshore is like “a giant history lucky dip”

If Labour had voted against restrictions, could the Covid rebels have won?

Jeremy Black talks to Graham Stewart about the century of the tank

…and why I broke away from Nigel Farage

Professor Jeremy Black talks to Graham Stewart about the sixty year reign of a man brought up to be the embodiment of a patriot king

…and abused women are being let down. David Scullion speaks to Louise Perry and Julie Bindel

What will historians make of Donald Trump’s presidency? Graham Stewart discusses with Jeremy Black

Graham Stewart talks to Prof Jeremy Black about how the power of the US president has been exercised since the end of the Cold War

The Critic’s political and US editors discuss the aftermath of the election with Republican strategist Luke Thompson and conservative journalist Matthew Continetti

How has political reporting changed in the last twenty years, and is it all for the worse?