Can George Galloway keep Scotland British?

The Alliance 4 Unity is the wildcard in Scottish politics

With the opinion polls suggesting the SNP is heading for a clear majority in next May’s Scottish parliamentary elections, fuelling their demands for a second referendum on independence – is it beyond the ability of Scotland’s Conservative, LibDem and Labour parties to save the union?

Former Labour and Respect MP, George Galloway, has founded the Alliance 4 Unity as a bipartisan party seeking to ensure that only one pro-union candidate stands in each region against the SNP in May. But will it work, how will it be funded and will the Westminster parties cooperate? If not, will the Alliance for Unity succeed only in further splitting the pro-union vote?

In this podcast, The Critic‘s political editor, Graham Stewart, talks to George Galloway and the Scottish farmer, writer and Alliance 4 Unity candidate, Jamie Blackett about their game plan to keep Scotland in the UK.

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