Romeo Coates

Romeo Coates is a longtime actor, diarist and Cavalier. Friend and foe to the stars, he learnt the hard way years ago after "loaning" Richard Harris £25.

Romeo finds himself overcome by a sense of utter hopelessness

Plus-sized actors and theatres rattling the begging bowl

The modern theatrical world isn’t kind to its older actors

Terry Gilliam holds court in exile

Romeo runs into legal difficulties …

Now that the BBC has a taste for turning its own scandals into prime time ratings, I’ve wasted no time pitching similarly eye-catching ideas

Fates in this unforgiving industry are long decided

These enlightened times now ensure Jenny also runs off with the male parts!

It’s BBC actors and comedy stars who’ve made the corporation great over the years — not two-a-penny journalists

Over these past months, one has lost count of the number of humble showbiz folk selflessly going to the trouble of taking photos/videos of themselves being jabbed