A foolish figure of speech was enough to incur the hateful wrath of the politically correct mob

The Church of England has worked to broaden its diversity of background, but its diversity of opinion has declined

Buildings born of plagues do have a life as something other than problematic ruins

As feminists, we must hold on to our victimhood at all costs. It is the source of our strength

In politics, narrative is now less synonymous with events than with their exposure as a pack of lies

No one will say the truth to the one side that is waging the culture war. The only dog in this battle will win it

Even without the Human Rights Act, our judges would have developed a new law on privacy by now

BLM’s radical ideas, such as defunding the police, would only make the lives of black communities worse

The toppling of Colston’s statue in Bristol sends a terrible message to today’s would-be philanthropist

The Electoral Commission has repeatedly wilted in the face of hysterical conspiracy theories