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Ban this vile “Hate” Parade

Puberty is a form of far-right terrorism

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The Irish “musician” Róisín Murphy has been successfully cancelled by brave activists. For some reason, she failed to understand that a commitment to diversity means agreeing with absolutely everything we say.  

In a comment on Facebook — which she sneakily posted on her own private page to pretend that it was none of our business — she claimed that “puberty blockers are fucked, absolutely desolate, Big Pharma laughing all the way to the bank. Little mixed-up kids are vulnerable and need to be protected, that’s just true.” 

The monstrosity of such a claim cannot be overstated. Adolf Hitler wrote something very similar in Mein Kampf. Indeed, if you translate Murphy’s words into German, the resemblance becomes even more uncanny. And it’s surely no coincidence that if you squint your eyes, Murphy looks a bit like Eva Braun.  

Puberty is a form of far-right terrorism. In fact, I am currently looking for a doctor who will be willing to find a way to reverse my own puberty so that I can have it blocked.  

Children understand their gender identity from the moment of conception

Children understand their gender identity from the moment of conception. If your baby is crying, it is almost certainly signalling that it is uncomfortable in its body and wants to change sex. You should start slipping hormone supplements into its rusks. Anything else is child abuse. 

If your infant son starts playing with a Barbie doll, you should immediately book him in for a makeover and hair extensions. And if he claims to be superman and capable of flight, you should throw him off the roof without delay. If you don’t validate his identity, he may do serious harm to himself. 

All of which is beyond the comprehension of a vile transphobe like Róisín Murphy. Strangely, this repugnant banshee has managed to release a new album that has been critically acclaimed and is selling extremely well. It’s almost as though our constant complaining about people who don’t subscribe to our worldview is having no impact whatsoever. 

And by the way, Murphy’s album is called “Hit Parade”, which is itself a fascist dog-whistle because it is an anagram of “apartheid”.  Wake up, sheeple!  

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