Lebrecht’s Album of the Week

Vasks writes long, slow, contemplative works with a strong feeling for lakes, forests and landscape

There is a wealth of diverse talent out there — all we have to do is listen

‘There is beauty and darkness and fear, to be sure, but I hear no agenda beyond a search for musical expression’

The Frankfurt-based Aris Quartet play Beethoven with sweeping flair and something close to insouciance

The fruits of Michael Mann’s musical career is neither one thing nor another; trapped between Weimar modernism and American consumerism

In the midst of war, three composers in different countries wrote sonatas which have now been collated in an album of pure escapism

Italian-born and London-bred Antonio Pappano lets the gentle rhythms of Ralph Vaughan Williams’s music say it all

Paul Hindemith’s music is extremely well-made, intelligent, civilised, and moderately witty — so why has it all but vanished?

Hahn’s finely honed skills as a violinist are seldom in demand on this one-star album

The baritone Matthias Goerne sings with a voice like brushed velvet and diction clearer than iced vodka in this five-star album