Lebrecht’s Album of the Week

Listening to Kapustin in 2021 is an act of nostalgia, a gesture of defiance to the dictates of fashion

Dohnanyi is as multicultural as they come — he must be due a comeback

Alice Sara Ott gives Frederic Chopin’s preludes a “dazzling” contemporary twist

This is a recording that encapsulates the other, older side of Europe

Goosby has all the technique anyone could need — but he still has a lot to learn about taste and selection

Ten minutes of Villa-Lobos and you’re ready for carnival

This collection of British music is what they should be playing over the speakers at Heathrow Airport

This fabulous interpretation of the Beethoven concerto is one of the records of the year

The performances recorded here by the University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra speak directly to some of our present confusions

This album by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and their departing conductor Vasily Petrenko is demonstrably irresistible