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The perils of positive discrimination

Seeking wider representation must not come at the expense of standards

You may have seen recent attempts by the mainstream media to celebrate some male police officers, simply for the reason that they say they identify as women.

The truth is that, whilst the police has been actively recruiting “transgender” people for the last few years, the results so far have once again highlighted an inadequate vetting process. 

The same is true of many people who have been brought in to train police officers to be more sensitive and careful — yet have failed to embody those virtues themselves

All but one of the people on this list are men who say they identify as women. The last entry is a woman who says she identifies as a man.

Carol Lea

In 2019 a story broke that, in a row between two women over a parking space at a KFC, one of them brought out a hammer and tried to attack the other with it. In the video of the incident, it was clear that one of the “women” was actually a man, who is named Carol Lea. When people online searched his biography, they found he had been an equality and diversity trainer to Merseyside Police. (Carol, in the end, told the court at the subsequent trial he had been the victim of homophobia. The judge gave him a small fine and no jail sentence).

Kimberley Stone

Kimberley Stone has been a hate crime adviser to Essex Police. A trawl through Kimberley’s social media posts finds numerous and recent cases of racism and misogyny.

Carole Steele 

Carole Steele has been used for training by Devon and Cornwall Police. In 2018, a man, who also says he identifies as a woman, and uses several different names such as Tara Wolf, was convicted of an unprovoked attack on a woman. Carole, with no evidence to back it up, claimed the victim “started the ruckus”. The judge said this was not true. (The judge gave the man a small fine and no jail sentence, stating that the punishment would have been more severe if the victim had used female pronouns for the defendant in court).

Watts used a baseball bat to smash up watermelons with the names of feminists

Kelly Maloney

Former boxing promoter Frank, now Kelly, Maloney has given trans awareness talks to Kent Police and addressed Dorset officers at an event about countering violence. This was shortly after Maloney tried to strangle his then wife.

Cheryl Morgan

Cheryl Morgan was used by Avon and Somerset Police to run “equality training”. Cheryl has a history of denigrating women, including talking about a “terf infestation”.

Gina Denham 

Gina Denham has worked with Essex and Leicestershire Police on “transgender awareness”. He also led a successful campaign to force a school in Rochford to remove sex-based rights and protections for its female students.

Stephanie Hirst 

Stephanie Hirst has given training to Humberside Police. He claims that wolf whistling makes you feel good because it confirms that you’re a woman.

Zoe Watts

Zoe Watts was employed as a Police Community Support Officer with Lincolnshire Police and was an equalities officer for Lincolnshire Police UNISON. Zoe is now in jail for hoarding banned weapons and explosive substances as part of his trans activism, which included making videos of himself using a baseball bat to smash up watermelons with the names of feminists on them.

The point of screening is to filter out authoritarian narcissists

Connor Freel

North Wales Police Community Support Officer Connor Freel is a woman who “identifies” as a man. Freel took an autistic boy to court for asking her if she was a “boy or a girl” whilst on duty. The boy was given a curfew requirement and ordered to pay £590. (This was a more severe punishment than either Carol Lea or Tara Wolf received for their crimes of physical violence. The judge said the sentence had been uplifted from a low level to a medium level community order because of its “transphobic nature”).

At a time when the police is struggling to maintain the support of the public and even the home secretary, it is making itself even more vulnerable by recruiting on the basis of an undefined “gender identity”. The police, of all institutions, should know that individuals who seek out the positions it typically offers — which give them some protection and access to vulnerable people and law enforcers who they can influence — require extreme scrutiny and monitoring. One of the main points of screening is to filter out disordered, authoritarian and inexperienced narcissists. What we actually get is a “trans shield” behind which vetting seems to be abandoned.

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