Lisa Hilton

Lisa Hilton is a British writer of history books, historical fiction, articles for magazines and newspapers including Vogue and The Sunday Telegraph, librettist, and as L.S. Hilton, psychological thrillers Maestra, Domina and Ultima.

A quietly brilliant Chelsea staple where the food practically tap dances off the fork

Touring the Med in the pioneering gastropub that transformed how we eat

Vexed by Insta videos and impressed by Venice

Historic heartthrobs, cinematic creeps and secreted shoes

Exotic food at a Soho Sri Lankan restaurant

A clever take on a classic brasserie in the heart of Bridgerton London

Lisa Hilton enjoys a simple and superlative Greek-Italian taverna in the Aegean

Rainy beaches and protests in Venice, and dance and sunshine in the South Downs as Britain and Italy trade places

Enjoying “small-plate dining” at London’s original tapas bar

Carpaccio: Paintings and Drawings, Palazzo Ducale, Venice