Happier times: The BBC is now under new management

BBC Decolonises the Proms

A black-only university, Whitehall falls to the woke, and the long march reaches the Royal Albert Hall

Overrule Britannia
Like a well-planned PR operation, the BBC rolled the pitch before they began. Not content with last year’s Last Night of the Proms where the cause of British freedom was co opted into an advert for sexual liberation, a corporation source revealed to The Sunday Times that the BLM-backing Finn due to conduct it this year wanted to “modernise the evening’s repertoire and reduce the patriotic elements” and added that it was a good time to drop do it whilst nobody was actually going to be there in person to complain. Cue horror and outrage from the great unwashed who, you know, actually pay the licence fee. But then the merciful BBC decided to grant the proles a special dispensation. They could have the patriotic music but the actual words to the offending songs would not be sung. This is a welcome relief. I think Telegraph Deputy Comment editor Madeline Grant tweets for all of us when she writes every time she hears the words to Rule, Britannia it gives her a “terrible urge to hop aboard an 18th century frigate and wage war with the French”. Since churches are still not allowed to sing, the executive producer of Songs of Praise Cat Lewis has had some spare time to compare singing about ‘not being slaves’ to the Nazis’ singing about how they won’t be forced into gas chambers. Stay classy Cat. The government has grumbled a bit, and Boris has made an anti-woke intervention but they will, no doubt, still renew the BBC’s charter as the charter of the land as Guardian columnists type this strain. Since then Vera Lynn’s rendition of Land of Hope and Glory has topped the iTunes charts after actor Laurence Fox urged people to download it. And now if you’ll excuse me, I must go and blow up a railway bridge in Bremen.

Marching Banned
Should leftists march through the institutions or start new ones? Curiously one activist believes it’s too hard to destroy change institutions from within and wants to build anew. Grievance activist Melz Owusu, who describes herself as “a queer black transmasculine/ non-binary person”, has decided to start up an all-black university which won’t need to be purged of white people, since they won’t exist. Owusu has addressed research seminars, given a TED Talk and performed raps at academic conferences to try to decolonise higher education but eventually the perpetual student former sabbatical officer at Leeds University and ex – researcher for Stonewall came to a realisation, telling the Guardian: “I was like, hmm, this idea of transforming the university from the inside and having a decolonised curriculum isn’t going to happen with the way the structures of the university are.” Vogue asked a group of black students what they thought and, perhaps suffering from institutionalised racism, false consciousness and too many Thomas Arne downloads, not many were impressed. The only thing left to ask – aside from whether it’s even legal – is whether it will have water fountains, and whether any white visitors will be able to use them? Martin Luther King would be proud.

Three’s a crowd
Twitter user Charles Fain Lehman has been compiling a list of all the times The New York Times publishes a flattering piece on Polyamory. In the US, fewer people are currently engaging in an open sexual relationship than ever having engaged in an open sexual relationship which suggests anyone who tries it doesn’t like it. Woe betide conservatives who try to ‘dictate’ people’s sexual preferences, but obviously the New York Times is on the right side of history, so it’s ok.

Whitehall has fallen
The political heart of the deep state formerly known as Whitehall has well and truly fallen to the revolutionaries. In a meticulously researched article for The Critic Justin Elderman reveals how the mandarins in Whitehall have become partisans of “Critical Race Theory” and its radical tenets about “systemic racism”, “white privilege” and “white fragility”. Elderman lists the countless times they have used their platform to promote BLM long after its radical Marxism was widely known. But since barely 10 per cent of civil servants in the cabinet office are actually at their desks, can we be sure they are genuine in their commitment to dismantling white supremacy and are not actually just Russian bots? Only time, and microagression monitors, will tell.

Free Speech = Hate Speech
Less than a year after same-sex marriage was legalised in Northern Ireland, a top barrister has warned that new powers to prosecute people for alleged “hatred” offences could result in people being brought before the courts because they reject same-sex marriage. Thomas Leonard Ross QC told the Newsletter the proposed legislation looked similar to the draconian anti-free speech laws proposed in Scotland. The former president of the Scottish Criminal Bar Association said he envisaged a situation where public debate on issues like transgenderism could basically end. This is an an amazing achievement considering the fact that ‘gender identity’ is not legally a protected characteristic against discrimination. It’s a bit like getting a law passed that bans people from driving ‘too quickly’ – and other road users get to decide what that means.

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