Sacred Cows

In Brideshead, the overriding feeling is that surely the punchline is to come. It never does

BLM’s radical ideas, such as defunding the police, would only make the lives of black communities worse

John Lennon’s kicking against the pricks was mere window-dressing

The NHS is immune to criticism because its deficiencies are seen as departures from its essential goodness

Benjamin Disraeli could change his mind without turning a hair

No journalist has so vituperatively fed the ancestral hatreds and dormant furies of Ireland as Fintan O’Toole

Viscount Montgomery: tactless, arrogant and with no instinct for politics

He is revered as the man who freed US slaves. Yet he never intended to do so and it was he who forced a war for the Union

Friedrich von Hayek became “Hayek”, a cardboard cut-out representation.