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How algebra cures wokeness

Maybe it’s because the hard sciences are so unifying that they are under attack

As a scientist I, of course, believe in science, but this does not mean I believe what experts tell me. Science is the opposite — the belief that one should always disbelieve experts and check the facts for oneself. Slowly over the past 30 years and quickly over the past 5 years I’ve seen The West ban facts that were tested and proven, and enforce what is factually wrong but non-offensive. Many people have noticed this and complained (it’s pretty obvious) but they have been silenced. As a scientist then, how do I respond to this new western fantasy movement? For me, it has meant a rediscovery of the value of the real.

When I stub my toe this reminds me that nature is not a product of my mind and that I can make mistakes. Instead of trying to impose my whims on nature I’d better learn about it honestly, or something worse than stubbing my toe might happen. This attitude led to the scientific revolution and the enlightenment that wokism is trying to reverse. It’s Freudian that Newton’s apple fell on his head.

I use algebra every day. I love it, but especially as it connects to reality (physics). For example, if I am trying to predict the orbit of a star, then I predict it and then write the observed speed next to the prediction. Does the prediction agree with the observation? If not, then I was wrong. This is good for the soul but, even more, it means I am willing to listen to nature, not just the delusions I make up inside my head. I also get used to blaming myself, rather than other people. If the prediction is right then there is real joy. Thus algebra makes me love reality.

So let us do some based algebraic physics together. Let’s predict the fall of Newton’s apple. The distance travelled (d) by an object falling from rest is:

If we multiply both sides by two, divide by a, take the root and then flip the order around the equals sign — beautiful logic! — then we get:

If the apple started to fall from the tree from a height of 3 metres, and Newton’s head was half a metre above the ground because he was sitting down, then d = 2.5 metres. The acceleration “a” is the usual measured value on the Earth’s surface of 9.8 m/s2. So the predicted fall-time is 0.71 seconds. This can be confirmed by experiment. Of course this has been done before, but imagine the joy I sometimes feel when I predict something that no-one else has!

It is a “soft” revolution — there is no Lenin or Mussolini figure — it’s hard to see where the impetus is coming from

Now, despite what some people say, algebra is not white supremacy. It was invented by the Arabs, or perhaps the Iranians or Indians. Also, algebra works for any race, creed or colour. They can all use it to build comfortable technological societies. Also, for the physics-based kind of algebra that I do, you do not have to take my word for it. You can go and test it for yourself by comparing its predictions with experimentation! Anyone can. There are no arguments necessary because it can be tested. As a result, algebraic physics is a unifying force for all humanity. It even gives us a link with alien races because the formula would work for them as well — they would just have to change the acceleration “a” to the acceleration on their planet.

It is possibly because algebra, arithmetic and physics are so unifying that they are under attack by the woke who like to say that 2+2=5. In Orwell’s 1984, the ruling party forces people to say 2+2=5 to damage their probity: their intellectual honesty or integrity. If they can get us to say 2+2=5 then they humiliate us and we would be admitting that we will obey them even to the extent of lying about what we know to be real. We would be broken. Then they can tell us anything. eg: “Don’t listen to church, family, friends, nation. Listen only to us, own nothing and be happy”. Well, I say 2+2=4 (given our definitions of 2 and 4 which are clear) because that can be tested and seen by everyone.

Maybe physics is not everyone’s cup of tea, but there are other ways to stay based. I go for a daily walk — no dog required. This gets me away from unreal papers and laptops and into nature. At the local café I feel rather backward when I offer coins, but I enjoy the arithmetic, another based system that works whether people like it or not. It also supports cash: money that cannot be tracked or cut off by the government if you say something based.

I like to do pencil sketches of nature, or buildings. Realist art also makes you based. It is like the algebraic physics above. When you draw something real, you copy nature, and your personality temporarily disappears. I have the same feeling making mathematical predictions. This is healthy. Also, you can be wrong. If I draw a tree and it comes out looking like Rod Stewart on a bad hair day then that is wrong. Anything falsifiable is based and healthy. It is interesting that modern art avoids any comparison with nature so it cannot technically be “wrong”. Skill or courage is not required. This echoes our larger societal problem.

We are being humiliated by being denied the right to say what is real — as a scientist I feel this very keenly

At the weekend I visit the beautiful local Abbey. This reminds me that there is something mysterious and bigger than myself. Also there is a tested pattern of collective behaviour that keeps the peace. Religion or social rules may seem to some to be a loss of freedom, but like traffic laws, if we all follow set rules (especially those tested over millennia) it leads to a stable society and lets us all have a little freedom to create in more useful ways. For example, if you drive in Rome (so I’ve heard) you have to drive creatively and you cannot think about anything else. In the UK everyone follows the driving rules, so it is possible to drive by habit and use the time thinking of useful things. Society is like that too.

In the evening I watch old or foreign films. I gave up watching modern American films because the woke propaganda became too overt. Largely, films from before 1990 and new films from Eastern Europe (who had woke communism for decades) are not propaganda. The group targeted for humiliation appears to be straight white men so it is no surprise that almost every entertainment they loved (Star Wars, Ghostbusters & Dr Who) has been trashed by the woke just as the Mexican Temple of Quetzalcoatl was demolished by the Conquistadors, and a church build on top.

When I help my son with his homework, we learn the subjects, but we also talk about the woke propaganda in the textbooks. I want the school to teach facts without trying to mould my son’s mind covertly this way, but it is hard to know who to complain to. It is a “soft” revolution. There is no Lenin or Mussolini figure, not yet anyway. It is hard to see where the impetus is coming from, so one has to respond as I have shown above by actions every day to stay based.

What we have now is a war for what is real. We are being humiliated, a form of control, by being denied the right to say what is real, ie. what has been proven. As a scientist who loves facts and algebra I feel this very keenly. I am responding by insisting on what is real far more than before.

Some ideas for a based day:

  1. Don’t stub your toe, but if you do, remember nature is real, opinion is not.
  2. Predict something real with algebra. Be wrong! Learn! Enjoy!
  3. Go for a walk to remind yourself what is real & not digital fantasy.
  4. In shops, use hard cash — arithmetic is another system that bases you.
  5. Take up art-from-life. It anchors you to reality and is satisfying as well.
  6. Consider a spiritual outlet to learn humility. No-one humble is bad.
  7. Follow age-old social rules that will allow useful freedoms in other areas.
  8. Watch old or foreign films. Hollywood is now manipulatively woke.
  9. Teach your children how to be based too — they are under pressure.
  10. Make a habit of saying “What’s your evidence for that?”.

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