Is Brexit a Christmas movie?

Rob Hutton watches telly so you don’t have to


It’s Christmas, and if leaving the house isn’t illegal at the time of writing, it probably will be when you’re reading this. But not to worry, The Critic’s TV team are here to guide you through the best bits of the holiday fortnight’s viewing. So to your EPGs, streaming services and, being Critic readers, video cassette tapes.

The Case Files (Dec 20, 9pm, ITV3)

Adaptation of Tom Sharpe’s “Inspector Case” series about an investigator who never notices any crimes. In tonight’s episode, “A Festive Case”, the dogged policeman finds himself asked to probe a Christmas Party that everyone insists didn’t take place. With his boss demanding he find someone to blame, Case begins to wonder if he might be being set up as the fall guy.

The Goes Wrong Show at Christmas (Dec 21, 8pm, BBC2)

This week the Cornley Drama Society have to hold a mock press conference. But things quickly get out of hand when it becomes clear that every member of the cast has a different secret that might require their resignation.

Film: It’s A Wonderful Lie (Christmas Eve, 4pm, BBC2)

Seasonal heartwarmer. Depressed building society owner George Bailey wishes he’d never become prime minister, and an angel is sent to show him how much easier everyone’s lives would have been if that were true.

Room on the Zoom (Christmas Day, 2.30pm, BBC1)

The PM had a flat
Filled with posh tat
And scruffy blond hair that he wore like a twat

Film: Number Tenet (Christmas Day, 10pm, Channel 4)

Christopher Nolan’s time-twisting, mind-bending classic sees Guy Pearce playing a senior civil servant with a brain injury that means his memory resets every 11 months. On a quest to find out who left a vomit-stained Santa costume under his desk, he starts to suspect that everyone he knows was at a party. But how is that even possible in one relatively small building? Why can he see his face in all the pictures? And where did all this cheese come from?

Del’s friend Frosty does a runner, leaving the lads holding a dodgy Brexit deal that’s starting to smell

Would I Lie to You? At Christmas (Repeat) (Christmas Day, midnight, BBC1)

Guest host: Boris Johnson. Topics this week include “I have a plan for levelling up the country by putting up hanging baskets” and a special “That’s not my child” round.

Film: A Fridge Too Far (Boxing Day, 12pm, BBC2)

Wartime classic with an all-star cast, telling the true story of Field Marshal Lynton Crosby’s bold plan to win the 2019 general election without his candidate answering a single question. After initial triumph, some start to suspect the scheme has a fatal flaw.

Only Fools And Sources (Boxing Day, 7pm, UK Gold)

Del Boy sets out to make a fortune by selling gold wallpaper to rich idiots, but Rodney discovers that it keeps falling down. Meanwhile Del’s friend Frosty does a runner, leaving the lads holding a dodgy Brexit deal that’s starting to smell. Can they find a buyer before it’s too late?

Film: Case 22 (New Year’s Eve, 9pm, Channel 5)

Wartime satire. Captain Yossarian has been asked to investigate whether a party took place, but feels it would be unethical for him to do so, since he attended it. But how can he refuse without acknowledging that the party happened?

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