Is the lockdown causing more problems than it is solving?

And how much longer can Britain’s WWII commemorations endure into the future?

How much longer should the lockdown go on and is it now causing more problems than it is solving? To discuss the suppositions that got us into the lockdown and whether the government’s 5 tests are valid measures to meet before relaxing it, the Critic’s political editor Graham Stewart talks to the lockdown sceptic and entrepreneur, Luke Johnson, who was formerly chairman of Channel 4 and is now chairman of Risk Capital Partners and of Bread Ltd, and to Alistair Haimes, who runs a private asset managements business based in Bristol and who has written for The Critic online about what the data tells us.

And, one event that the lockdown is set to scale down is this Friday’s 75th anniversary of VE Day. How much longer can Britain’s commemorations of its sacrifices in two world wars endure into the future, and what national commemorations did pre-20th century Britons celebrate? Professor Jeremy Black charts our evolving history of national commemorations.

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