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Artillery Row

Marching for exclusion

Dissenters from the trans agenda find modern conservatives overwhelmingly inclusive and this new LGBT rather exclusive

“Transphobe! Bigot! Murderer!” The slurs can be irritating, but they are evolving into something outright dangerous. This week I joined the Pride celebrations in my home city of Manchester. The community here are irate at the organisers’ decision to cancel the Parade, whilst retaining the commercial aspects of the event. After purchasing £90 wristbands, visitors were left disappointed when headline acts were cancelled. Add illegal road closures, dropping support of critical HIV schemes and a pitiful charitable share, and the perfect storm was brewing. Protesters from all political parties and charities united to take a stand. The charity I chose to represent in the voluminous protest march? LGB Alliance.

Meanwhile another storm was brewing: an ever-growing toxic extremism and censorship within the LGBT+ movement. Tolerance is no longer enough. Respect is no longer enough. Absolute agreement is the only option. My decision to don the logo of a charity focused only on lesbian, gay and bisexual issues was unacceptable. Difference of opinion must be erased, defectors and scabs eliminated gender identity politics takes no prisoners. The march was ablaze with debate, rewarding conversations and new friends. Despite singing the chorus, finding shared unity in the common cause, I had not been converted. My days were numbered.

Conservatives will build bridges where the left no-platform

I stood unarmed and dignified as the mob encircled. “Trans Lives Matter” bellows, boos grew louder and a violent mood was evolving. Not satisfied with respectful answers to an interrogation, one young man made repeated physical contact. My hat was stolen, revealing an unsightly bald patch to the mob’s amusement. Would pulling off a wig be an acceptable way to treat a trans person or cancer patient?

I’m not your average conservative or your average gay, but I find modern conservatives overwhelmingly inclusive and this new LGBT rather exclusive. Inspiration comes from the most unexpected of places: Section 28 villain herself, Margaret Thatcher:

“I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.”

Gender identity militants have exhausted political debate. Even rights champion Peter Tatchell cannot find it in him, preferring to back out of a debate with LGB Alliance trustee Prof. Kathleen Stock. Conservatives will debate, build bridges and act with pragmatism where the left no-platform and scream idealism. Being a gay Tory is rough, but we have history, role models and a real rich community behind us. When it gets tough, be that voice in the crowd and scream.

Time to stop the violence and start the conversation.

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