Black’s History Week

How successfully did Britain’s armed forces adapt to the reality of the First World War?

Professor Jeremy Black and Graham Stewart discuss the reach and organisation of Britain’s armed forces in protecting and expanding the British empire

Graham Stewart and Jeremy Black discuss British and European conceptions of monarchy throughout history

Professor Jeremy Black discusses with Graham Stewart how US and British defence and security reviews depart from, or continue, a coherent western strategic worldview

Jeremy Black talks with Graham Stewart about the many conspiracies and secretive plots that really did shape the course of events

Jeremy Black and Graham Stewart discuss Winston Churchill’s role in shaping British and the Allies’ military strategy in the Second World War

Professor Jeremy Black talks to Graham Stewart, about France’s eighteenth-century revolutionary ferment

Graham Stewart talks to Professor Jeremy Black about whether the past can be a servant to the present

The expansion of executive power in America

The latest podcast in the Black’s History Week series: How does the role of the modern MP compare with that of an eighteenth century honourable member?