Classical Music

The Czechs always have talent to spare on the bench

The chance introduction that led to some extraordinary evenings with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

2021 has yielded more memorable albums than you can count on the fingers of two hands

I was completely absorbed by this opera as a sound production — maybe one day I’ll get to see the whole show

Ignore the snobs, trip the light (music) fantastic and bask in the shameless joy of Classic FM

The Larghetto’s organic optimism transcends present woes and looks to bright eternity

Taken together, it’s not the kind of music you want to hear in isolation

When asked “which Hindemith should I try first?”, I’m lost for an answer

Intelligent and well played though it is, Franziska Lee’s album of Londonoid piano pieces can’t make a bad sonata better

His concerto is a rag-and-bone man’s barrow trundling down a Haussmann boulevard