LNER – the railway that is too LGBTQI+ inclusive for “ladies and gentlemen”

As a Christian chaplain I have to challenge atheistic Queer Theory

Backlash to the LGB Alliance’s charitable status shows that organisations which once stood-up for the right to be homosexual now undermine the concept

Young people’s bodies have become collateral damage in the ongoing culture wars as politicians continue to pander to trans ideology

 Christian beliefs on charity and sexual ethics are not unrelated

There’s nothing like a beating stick to ram home a lie

The avoidance of the word “woman” in relation to pregnancy is part of a wider assault on women’s rights from transgender activists

Australia abolishes parental rights, double-masking is double-plus-good, and the woke praise British Imperialism

It seems something very disturbing is going on behind those doors; something the Gender Identity Development Service is too ashamed to admit

The Feminist Library holds the keys to grassroots feminist knowledge built up over decades – it should not kowtow to trans activists