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Trump v Biden: America’s messy election

The Critic’s political and US editors discuss the aftermath of the election with Republican strategist Luke Thompson and conservative journalist Matthew Continetti

America is still counting the votes, but as things stand, Joe Biden is on course to be the next president of the United States. Donald Trump’s chances of victory are slim, and getting slimmer, while his legal team look set to lodge complaints and demand recounts in several crucial states.

But 48 hours after election day, a couple of things are clear: the polls were a long way off and Democrats have badly underperformed expectations. It also seems likely that Republicans retain control of the Senate and that Joe Biden will be president in a divided government.

To make sense of these results, Graham Stewart, The Critic‘s political editor, spoke to US Editor Oliver Wiseman, Republican strategist Luke Thompson and conservative journalist and AEI fellow Matthew Continetti.

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