Dominic Hilton

I got the shy eyeroll, the coy smile, the blushing cheekbones

In his tenth diary entry, Dominic Hilton worries that the Argentine capital could become another Miami or Dubai if it were to get its act together

Dominic Hilton spots a sniper on a balcony, has embarrassing encounters in lifts and thinks gender-neutral language would make learning Spanish a lot easier

Decades later, I remembered my mother’s mental patients

In the 1980s, Britain closed most of its mental hospitals, and some of the patients became my friends

Dominic Hilton meets a nun on national day and tries an Argentine MRI

Dominic Hilton on the Instagram influencers in his plaza, conversations with his mother and a terrible death on the streets near his home

Dominic Hilton comments on the latest perceived injustice in the capital, a man eating dog biscuits, and the strange meaning of numbers in Argentina

Dominic Hilton contemplates the origins of his obsession with money

Dominic Hilton laments the various lunacies surrounding his name