Ella Whelan

Ella Whelan is a journalist and the author of What Women Want (Connor Court Publishing)

Satire is supposed to be the unsayable, not virtue-signalling two-bit doggerel

The cowardice of senior staff at Batley Grammar should be a lesson to all educationalists about the importance of defending open discussion

Commentators who have spent the last 20 years undermining key principles of democracy are crawling out from the woodwork to protect the right to protest

Calls to change public life to protect women set a bad precedent for the way in which we view women’s freedom

The reaction to the BBC Woman’s Hour interview with Zara Mohammed exposes the cliquishness of contemporary feminists

The desire to formalise and stiffen the way we talk to each other in the name of inclusivity is a worrying trend

Hollywood is often a slimy, cynical business, but weaponizing feminism against a critic you don’t like is a new low

Once we start using the political concerns of the adult world to moralise about the imaginative realm of children, we’re in trouble

After months of misery and lockdowns, the prospect of losing Christmas would be disastrous for so many

Brexit showed the ruling elite is still terrified by Trotsky’s ideas of working class upheaval