The Critic Narrated: Episode Two, with Revd. Marcus Walker, Hannah Betts and Patrick Galbraith

The UK has a rich comics tradition often obscured by the cultural dominance of Marvel and DC

Discover “one of the finest novelists of her and our time.” 

Nostalgia has long been the key to pop’s survival

His concerto is a rag-and-bone man’s barrow trundling down a Haussmann boulevard

Fates in this unforgiving industry are long decided

These two books show that it has always been the preserve of the unscrupulous to peddle their wares to the gullible and salacious

Shoots must be places of buzzing biodiversity

Why on earth would we want to see the same tawdry old stories endlessly re-enacted?

The atmosphere is so thick you’d need a charcuterie knife to cut it