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The new misogyny

News flash: Lesbians are allowed to exclude penises from their intimate relationships

The clown car that is the modern Leftist commentariat once again pulled up to the front door of everybody’s Twitter news feed, and proceeded to empty its contents — led by Buffoons-in-Chief Owen Jones and Ash Sarkar — all over the feet of anybody who had the temerity to be online at that particularly unfortunate moment. 

This comes off the back of a newly published BBC article in which a number of brave lesbians have spoken out about how they felt pressured into accepting transwomen as intimate partners, despite said transwomen having penises. This particularly sobering coverage was then pounced on by Jones, Sarkar, and others. Jones decreed in a now-clockwork hyperbolic conniption that the article was “conspiratorial hate”, whilst Sarkar proceeded to compare lesbians who don’t wish to accept penises into their bedroom with racists who loathe the idea of sleeping with people of differing ethnicities and races. 

What makes this particularly deranged and unfathomably offensive tirade against young lesbians even more jaw-dropping is the fact that both parties — and others — were quick to point out the alleged “unreliability” of such an article. Sarkar went on to state that the article was “based on a “survey” of 80 people, conducted by an explicitly anti-trans organisation, with the intended inference being that it therefore shouldn’t hold any weight. 

The ideology and activism that brushes this under the rug is rape culture on steroids

The hypocrisy, and irony, of this position cannot be overstated, given that everybody and their mother who has even had a whiff of gender ideology is mouth-frothingly fanatical about trotting out the now-legendary statistics about “48 per cent of trans people have attempted suicide”. Clearly, Jones and Sarkar have not been too keen to point out that that survey was based on the self-selection of 27 young trans people, which even the most scientific study-averse of us would recognise as lacking reliability. This of course is not to say that any suicide rate is acceptable; it categorically isn’t. But the dearth of evidence here cannot just be brushed under the rug. 

But beyond the conversation about statistics and reliability of data, this vocal posturing by Jones et al is distracting from a truly disturbing trend. Lesbians, and increasingly young lesbians at that, are now being subjected to a new, deeply insidious form of conversion therapy. The social pressure — and subsequent ostracisation if that pressure is not acceded to — is forcing these women and girls to acquiesce to the sexual advances of men, when they absolutely do not want to do so. 

As the BBC article explains, “Chloe felt so pressured she ended up having penetrative sex with a trans woman at university after repeatedly explaining she was not interested. They lived near each other in halls of residence. Chloe had been drinking alcohol and does not think she could have given proper consent.”. 

Make no mistake, this is rape. And the ideology and activism that brushes this under the rug is rape culture on steroids. Now it is becoming increasingly common for people not to even bat an eyelid when presented with “workshops” entitled “Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling: Breaking Down Sexual Barriers for Queer Trans Women”. 

News flash: lesbians excluding penises from their intimate relationships is not a “barrier” that needs “breaking down”. 

This is misogyny unfiltered, and women, increasingly young lesbians, are paying the price. We cannot and must not allow this particularly virulent strain of misogyny to pass unchecked. Men who object to this appalling treatment of women must begin to speak up, because the consequences of not doing so are too grim to bear thinking about.

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